A lucrative venue in the field of freelance web design

One of the most lucrative venues the Internet has provided is in the field of web designing. Today, more and more people and business establishments are in need of skilled people who can create and maintain their websites and this is where web designers rush in.

With the continuous roll out of broadband services in various parts of the globe, it is not surprising that there are so many businesses who have not thought of having a corporate web site before are now seriously contemplating of having one. After realizing how the Internet can help their business, more and more company owners are considering to put up their own web sites to boost their marketing and promoting strategy.

Aside from jumping into the bandwagon of modern technology, having a website will also give companies as online presence and representation once the site is complete.


Undeniably, there is a growing market for freelance web designing today. If you are a web designer and you are considering freelance work, then it is now time to narrow down your options clearly. The market for web designing continues to grow as long as there are companies who need web designers in creating a front for traditional businesses or services.

Aside from having business as potential clients, freelance web designers can also rely on the billions of existing web pages in the Internet because these sites will need to be designed, built and maintained later on. If you're planning to do freelance web designing, then you should gain knowledge and experience you need to become one.

The first thing you need to consider is getting educated about the field. Today, there are many colleges and universities that offer multimedia courses and degrees. By enrolling in one of these educational institutions, you can learn different disciplines needed in order to become an expert in the field of freelance web designing.

Secondly, you need to reassesses the skills you need to be able to become a successful freelance web designer. Most freelance web designers agree that to be able to become a competent web designer, you should be able to complete a web site on your own. By doing this, you will have the knowledge in designing the layout of your client’s site while designing the elements that involve the use of Photoshop and Illustrator (Adobe) or Fireworks and Freehand (Macromedia).

Also, to be able to become a successful freelance web designer, you need to understand aspects such as design and image optimization in order to give good download, make the site easy to use, make it more search engine friendly and most importantly, to make it cross browser compliant. You will also need to have a good knowledge of HTML as well as an editor to be able to create a page.

If you're just new in the industry of freelance web designing, you might be using Microsoft Front Page but most freelancers say that newbies should veer away from using it because it has a lot of proprietary codes that are oftentimes non-cross browser compliant.
Macromedia's Dreamweaver is the advisable option in creating a site because it will save you time and energy when compared to hand coding. Aside from that, it is also quite important for you to understand the HTML behind the design.

Aside from Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 with Imageready 2.0, Illustrator 9.0, and Flash 4 can also help you create better web sites.

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